Agar Dessert


Cheerful and zero calories.

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Coconut milk, agar-agar, banana

Cheerful and zero calories.
Why agar is useful:
1. This gelling agent of plant origin is extracted from red and brown algae, mostly on the Pacific coast.
2. Agar consists of polysaccharides, contains coarse fiber, with a calorie content close to zero. It expands in the gut and fills a large space, giving rise to a feeling of satiety and stimulating intestinal peristalsis. Agar helps those that would like to go on a diet but desire to pamper themselves with a tasty morsel.
3. Agar is not digested in the stomach but passes through quickly; it therefore has a mild laxative effect, normalizing the function of the bowels.
4. It contains iodine, iron and calcium, and because of its properties also helps with the elimination of toxins.

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  • 300 gr.


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