Hippocrates said thousands of years ago that if people lived correctly and ate well then there would be no medicine as there simply would be no illnesses! Our mission is to increase awareness of the health benefits of removing gluten, lactose and sugar (cane & beet) from ones diet and to offer to the general public the healthy delicious baked goodies which we eat in our homes. Our aim is for our clients to feel great and be able to live a more active life!


Having developed an acute sensitivity in the digestive system, which essentially took over my life, I looked towards my professional training as a biochemist and the subsequent experience gained whilst employed in the pharmaceutical industry
to get my life back! I came to learn through extended reading as well as by attending specialized seminars that certain products such as gluten, cow’s milk and sugar (cane & beet) may seriously affect ones general health. By gaining a deeper understanding of these dietary issues as well as through personal observation, and self-experimentation, I have returned back to feeling great and live the active life which I had been deprived of when consuming damaging food. Baking expertise in preparing delicious nourishing goodies has been gained though self education for a healthier life style by both baking recipes out of specialized cookbooks and by experimentation through scientific adaptation of traditional recipes.



By profession I am an art historian and have always been curious about what people ate and how this affected their health. In European civilization bread and pastries have always been of great significance. In the last 50 years the composition of these wholesome products has changed dramatically. My husband, a doctor by training, encourages his clients to adopt a gluten, lactose and sugar (cane & beet) free diet according to their blood type. We avoid these products for our 7 year old son and we are proud to provide him with a healthy nutrition. I always believed that food should not only provide goodness but also be a joy to taste. What could be more delicious than home baking? My creations today are the result of years of experience and love for oneself and one’s family.